My Wife's a Cunt

Hi, and welcome to My Wife's a Cunt! This blog is dedicated to all husbands who suffer under the iron fist of the overly-emotional, sex-denying, venom-spewing harpies they married. Here I will be describing how unforgivably horrible my wife is to me. How utterly insane she is. How self-centered, selfish, and completely unfeeling she is. In her view of the world, she's completely 100% right, I couldn't be more wrong, and I'm an asshole if I even try to defend my position. How dare I question her on her most holy of highest horses, glowing in the bright white light of righteousness, beyond reproach. I don't think that bitch has apologized once in 15 years of marriage. Either she's simply never wrong, or she's a cunt.

Why would I stay married to such a monster? My reasons changed over time. The first time I got fed up to the point that I really wanted out, the point where I would have broke up with her if she was merely my girlfriend, was about 4 years into my sentence, err our marriage. I actually consulted a divorce lawyer. Because I was making 6 figures at the time, and she was making nothing, it would have cost me quite a bit in alimony. The thought of working my ass off while paying that bitch a king's ransom every month... surely I would have wound up in prison. I decided I was already trapped and to just make the best of it, while a part of my soul died. I managed to fix the income discrepancy over time, at first by getting her an income, and later by going broke (that part wasn't intentional). Right now it would probably not be a financial problem at all, but I don't want our small children to go through a divorce. Mommy and daddy are sacred to small children, and I'd like them to have both parents. Despite her criminal treatment of me, she's a decent mother, and the horror show that is our marriage isn't usually displayed in front of the children. I'll have to wait another 13 years or so before the youngest is old enough to leave the vulture's nest, at which point I may have another shot at freedom.

Comments and contributions from other emotionally-abused husbands are encouraged. At the very least, it will be my own personal catharsis, but hopefully this will become a place for us all to vent, and perhaps get some kind of group therapy benefit. Even if you don't contribute, if you're reading this and can relate, know you're not alone.